Are You Seeing Anyone?

The adventures of a single gal and all the questions you can ask besides…Are you Seeing Anyone? It is not so much the question itself that has me motivated to start this blog. For me, It is more the timing with which most people ask that question. Right away. There are so many more interesting things about me, and I am confident about my single gal friends, than if we are or are not currently seeing someone.

Much more interesting…

To get us started, what does this question; Are you seeing anyone, mean?  Am I going on dates? Yes, if I want to/have time. Do I currently have a lover? Seems like too much information for majority of the people asking that question. Do I have an official boyfriend? Let’s say my answer is yes. Then this is sure to be followed by all the other wonderful probes i.e. how long have you been dating? Do you think he’s the one? What is his job? Does he have kids? Want kids? Husband material? And on and on and on. Now you have learned nothing about me in this encounter except whether I have a man in my life. Therefore, I have decided it may be interesting to start the conversation. That is, what are the many other questions we can ask a successful, educated, and most importantly, interesting single woman besides…Are you seeing anyone?  I have come up with a list of questions and I am excited to answer these questions in each new blog post and see what others we can discover together.

The Burning Questions

  1. How is your house?
  2. What sort of things do you do for self-care?
  3. Tell me about your weekly workout routine?
  4. Do you like to cook? What meals?
  5. How do you spend your free time?
  6. What places are on your travel list?
  7. What is the last good book/ movie/Show you have read or seen?
  8. Any new restaurants you have tried lately? Or ones you are excited to visit soon?
  9. Anything interesting happening at work? Future career moves you’re thinking about?
  10. Any good deals you’ve seen when you’re out and about shopping/running errands?

I look forward to answering each of these questions and I inspire anyone reading this post and checking out my blog to think about their own answers to similar questions. I want this space be one where we can eventually discuss dating adventures and relationships ups and downs, but for now I want the conversation to be something different from what we are asked most often…Are you seeing anyone? We are all fascinating individuals and what makes us interesting is what we are accomplishing and experiencing on our own!

Xoxo J