First, thank you for asking!

My purpose for starting this blog is to start the conversation. To give ideas for what society can ask a successful woman besides…are you seeing anyone?

Something to consider: Maybe this woman has a place of her own, a place she is proud, a place she worked her ass off to get, and continues to work her ass off to keep! Therefore, what a nice idea to ask her about this home.

Growing up it was always a goal for my sister and I to buy a house of our own. Being twins, it was great to always have a partner and someone to count on. At 24 years old we accomplished this goal and we were so proud of our home! It was the perfect place for us to work on our goals and independence. We loved entertaining friends and family and making memories.

I share this because it is an important part of the journey that led me to where I am now. The proud owner of another townhome; this time, all on my own! I knew the time was coming when my sister met her, now husband, Anthony. We lived happily as three’s company until one day our realtor called me up…I have the perfect place for you!

After many signed documents and so much support and help from my friends and family I was all moved in to my new place!

At first, not going to lie, it was scary! I had never lived alone or been solely responsible for a mortgage. However, it did not take long for my new place to feel like home and this new independence to become one of the things I would feel most proud of in my 29 years.

My place is perfect for me. I love the high ceilings, new carpets and nice open floor plan on my first floor that works perfectly when I entertain; which I love to do. I also love my walk-in closet (thanks bro!), and my little patio I cannot wait to use this spring and summer.

There will always be new projects for me to focus on; updated ceiling fans, renovate both showers, buy a huge bedroom mirror, and much more. But for now, my place is my peace and I am so proud of it. I look forward to making many more memories and hosting countless dinners. I really appreciate you asking about my home, because this is something I have accomplished all on my own and if I can inspire anyone out there to save up and accomplish this same goal, then that is simply fabulous! And to all my fellow independent ladies out there who also have a place of their own to cherish; way to go girl! Keep it up!