Why, thank you for asking. I am always curious what others do for self-care. I have known for most of my adult life how important it is and always will be for me to take care of myself before anything else. In order to keep my life moving in the direction I would like it to move I have to be healthy, happy, and as balanced as possible. Now this is not an easy task to achieve for anyone. It takes daily reminders and constant reflection to be someone who is working every day on self-care and having a balanced life.

This will also look different for everyone. I am well aware balance and self-care will look entirely different for the working mom of two than it will look for a single working gal like myself. However, I am always curious what others do for self-care and maybe you are too!

First, I want to address what many might be thinking while taking a look at this post; sure Jess I would love to indulge in self-care daily or weekly, but girl, who has the time?! Well I am here to tell you we have to make time! Self-care can be 1 minute of your day or 2 hours, but finding this opportunity to do something for yourself is critical.

      So, what does my self-care routine look like?

  1. 4-5 days a week of fitness i.e. running, weightlifting, yoga (more details can be found in the Fitness Post)
  2. Diffusing/topically applying essential oils every day.
  3. Saturday lunch or latte with my mom and sister; as often as we can.
  4. Making plans with my girlfriends; night-in, dinner out, drinks at a local bar, work out together,
  5. Bi-weekly gel manicure with my beloved Sandy at InterNails Salon in lansdale, PA
  6. Cooking 2-3 nights a week in my kitchen (Future blog post: What recipes are you cooking these days?  
  7. Reading a good book (this is more part of my routine in the summer months; currently reading; Becoming Michelle)
  8. Keeping up with my reality TV shows i.e Real Housewives NYC and Beverly Hills and Very Cavalarri
  9. Sunday dinner at my parents; as often as possible. It is great to spend time together and have a break from cooking 🙂
  10. Know when to say no and when you need time all by yourself. I am still working on this one on a daily basis. But time alone, either 5 minutes or a whole hour, can definitely be a game changer in your self-care routine.

These are some of my routine self-care activities. I have absolutely no guilt about any of these items and I work hard to be able to continue participating in these routines. It is also important to note, some things on this list require financial commitment and some things simply require quality time, but for me all of these things help me care for myself. I encourage all of you to make a list and make sure you have regular self-care planned into your routine. I understand we are busy with work, kids, responsibility, commitments, and much more, but if we do not prioritize self-care, I believe every other part of life can start to be impacted in a negative way.

Speaking of self-care, I started this blog as a sort-of additional self-care vow to myself. I started to notice I needed a small reminder that I am so much more interesting than the question ‘are you seeing anyone?’ I know most people, when asking this question, have great intentions, and believe me I want all those things in my life some day; a partner, children, etc. but this question can quickly become a moment where you start to think ‘is this all people want to know? Is this what defines me?’ And this blog is serving as a reminder that this is not the only question we can ask, and in order to continue to develop care for myself, I wanted to get the conversation started, and help keep it going.

I thank you for giving me the chance to answer this question; what is your self-care routine? And I would love to hear yours or help you start to think more about this for yourself.

Love and appreciation,