This is a post I am super excited to write. I believe it is important to share I am definitely not an expert, but fashion and shopping, and closet/clothes organization are definitely all passions of mine and they are also a big part of the bond I have with my sister and my mom. Since I was very little I have been noticed for my outfits. Now this is not because I was the most stylin’ child, but most likely due to the fact that until middle school I dressed in exactly the same outfits as my twin sister. It is safe to say my mom had a knack for dressing us alike and it stuck for a very long time. Actually to this day my sister and I will sometimes have very similar outfits on without even planning it! Needless to say fashion has always been something in my life I find to be important and what I wear can make or break the kind of day I have. Thanks to my mom I love to shop and shopping has even been a sort of therapy for me throughout my teens and twenties. Also, I was raised to love a good deal so I do not think it necessary to spend the most money to find items you will love.

So fashion tips and tricks…If you are a loyal reader of my blog…first, thank you! and second, you may notice I love lists. So let’s start this with a list….

  1. Organization is KEY! You can have some fabulous jeans and amazing tops, but if your items are not organized and you spend hours looking for something it will immediately make your fashion experience miserable. So, have a system. Have a designated drawer for jeans, shorts, under garments, workout clothes, etc. If this is not something you already do, trust me, it is a game changer. Also, in your closet, it may seem daunting at first but an organized, color-coded closet, will change your life in the long run.
  2. Budgeting! Know what you are willing to bargain shop for and what items you insist on paying top dollar. Obviously a big part of fashion is budget. Listen I get it. As a teacher some of these nicer professional dress stores must have NO IDEA what our salaries are because I am not in the market for an $80 top. Not. Happening.
  3. Plan Ahead. Something I have found to be very helpful over the years is planning my outfits ahead of time. Whether it is the night before or Sunday before a busy week, it is a great idea to plan your outfits and figure out what feels good and looks good before you are rushing to get ready in the morning before work. Planning can make a huge difference. Give it a shot 🙂
  4. Use it or lose it! My sister, mom, and I have always been huge into donating and consigning our clothes over the years. In the era of Marie Kando it is more important than ever to clean out your life! Clothes can quickly become items that fill space in your life and home when they no longer are useful. I believe it is a great idea to regularly go through your items and decide what you have worn and what is no longer useful or ‘bringing you joy’… I have a dear friend who has created a part-time hustle to support this cleansing process! Check out her IG page @consigned.abt and send her a message. She will help you get this process started!
  5. Know your body! It is important in this world of fashion and trends that you always know you are a work of art and clothing with always look different and feel different for everyone. Find things that work for you and make you look and feel your best. Do not put too much emphasis on size and wanting to wear something someone else is wearing. You have your own masterpiece to show off!

An exciting guest as provided some additional tips for this blog post! This is my first guest addition and I am so excited and grateful she took some time to create something for my amazing readers:

Written by Rebecca Pirrello aka Sissy!

Growing up with a twin sister meant sorta kinda always having 2 wardrobes. (Well except for the first 5-10 years of life when our mom just bought two of the same of everything, fun but could lead to separate identity issues (finding your own twin identity is a separate post).
We have always loved clothes and fashion. We started young trying to always dress to impress like our mom. Our mom also taught us that you can never be overdressed and I take that with me everywhere I go socially. Professionally, I also believe that you should absolutely dress for the job you want and not the one you have, unless of course you’re at your end goal, which awesome for you.

However, I have found myself in a career where I pretty much have to find ways to make a very unfeminine job, feminine. I pride myself on wearing fashionable, well-fitted jeans and the dressiest white and multi-color T’s I can get my hands on. I also love a great pair (or two) of Nike sneaks and Sperry’s on-hand. They work with most outfits, for realz.
Some of my go-to in-store spots are Gap, Banana Republic, and Francesca’s, and of Course lululemon for all things training. My go-to online spots are and for dressing up, date nights, and special events.
As anyone reading this knows, I love organizing also, which probably supports my love of fashion. Organizing your closet before and after each season is a must if you want to keep up with the trends and keep track of what you own. I love categorizing my clothes by season, style, and color!
That leads me to Consigning!!! I love to consign and re-consign again and again. I also love to donate to good causes, but consigning is The Way to make some money on the side or be able to buy those odd items you’d never find online or in a store again.
Well any other tips, tricks, or go-tos.. sissy and I are always happy to share our ideas.

Back to Jessica Annswers: Clearly we share many of the same fashion tips and tricks. Makes sense because we started this fashion journey together. Clothes help me further define who I am as a person and I find so much joy in pairing items together and seeing what looks and feels best on me. I love pieces that are versatile and could be worn in my classroom or out to a nice dinner. As I have shared on this blog, I work out very regularly and like to invest in quality fitness gear I can wear to the gym or just around town on a more casual day.

My hope is that you got something helpful from this post and something you can take with you and start to apply in your own fashion journey. Special thank you to my sister for sharing some great tips for this post and always supporting my fashion choices and closet cleanses.

Keep shining everyone!