It has been a while! I had quite the busy summer (see post about keeping busy during the summer months) and I spent the last couple of weeks preparing to enter a new decade on this earth! I have so many feelings and emotions about turning 30 so I thought why not turn those into a blog post?! After all, that is what it is here for! So, How Do I Feel About Turning 30?!

Well, to put into one word…awesome! I feel pretty awesome about turning 30 and closing the chapter in my 20s and opening up a whole new phase of my life! When I have a moment or two of panic about being in my 30s, and all of the things I have not done, that maybe I thought I definitely would have by now, I immediately start rattling off every single accomplishment in my 20’s: degrees, job success, homeowner, maid of honor, bridesmaid, traveling, fitness, and blogging just to name a few! This makes me feel so much better very quickly! I share this with the hope that if anyone reading ever feels a similar anxiety they can try doing the same thing. However, I will also admit right here I definitely would have said my life would be very different than what it is if you asked my twenty -year -old self. I would have told you I’d be married and a mom with one or two kids by now. I would have told you I may even be on my way to becoming a Principal. It is funny how the Universe has different plans for us, and it has taken me a lot of hard work over the years to let those plans do their thing, and just live my life to it’s fullest potential each day.

My twenties were a time I will remember for the rest of my life. When I think about where I was when that decade started; a junior at Temple University living on campus, studying Education, going out with friends, exploring Philadelphia, going home on weekends to serve tables at Chili’s, thinking on a regular basis about what the future might have in store, I feel like a lot of where I am now I could picture back then and a lot of where I am now I could have never predicted.I always knew I would end up in education, and that definitely has come true and this school year will be my 8th year in Special Education. I also always knew I would buy a town home with my sister after college and that came true as well. Some things I had not planned out precisely are when I would move out of the home with my sister and into my own place, when my sister would meet her dream man and get married, and where I would end up in Special Education, just to name a few. I do not think I ever anticipated living alone. I have always lived with my family members or roommates and sort of assumed this would always be the case. However, looking back I think a main reason I never imagined living alone is most likely due to fear. Fear that I could not actually support myself, fear that I would be lonely, fear that I just could not do it. I am very grateful the chips have fallen this way and now I could not imagine my life without this chapter.

Another thing on my mind quite a bit during this transition to a new decade is my career. Have I accomplished all that I thought I would accomplish by this age? Have I gained enough experience in my field? What have I contributed so far? I will say I am really proud of the 8 years in education I have already served. These years have definitely not come without bumps in the road and even a crash or two, but I am still standing and still in education, and still doing my best every day to make a difference. When I was in my late teens and early twenties I definitely had aspirations to be a Principal. After about 2 years in the field I would say that plan totally shifted. I got my Master’s and have been a Special Education teacher for 8 years now, and only recently I have realized a path I may be interested in pursuing to further my career. I have recently started some part-time work in behavioral therapy and I have realized my passion for it. I also have met a kick-ass ‘mentor’ whose footsteps I would not mind following. I hope she reads this :-). All of this goes to show, there is nothing wrong with making plans and having goals, but be ready for those plans to change and be open to paving a new path for yourself. It does not mean you were not successful, rather it means there is a different destiny meant for you.

A final thing on my mind all the time: babies. I would bet a majority of women who have ever thought about having a baby of their own and turn 30 are thinking about it even more now. I am convinced it is simply biology. We do not have eternity to have a baby, and it is okay for me to be thinking about this and wondering…when will it be my turn? However, something that also comes along with being 30 is a larger sense of acceptance. I have some very close girlfriends with babies of their own and 1. I am super grateful for these angels so I have the fortune of being an Auntie but 2. I would bet these ladies wish for some quiet down time and the freedom that comes with my schedule as well. Therefore, I go back to the Universe and its plans for us. When I may experience moments of doubt or disappointment I remind myself I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I just have to keep working, keep hustling, keep smiling. I want to live this decade as fully as the previous one and be open to anything that is meant for me. The surprises and changes in your ‘plan’ are most often the memories that stay with you the longest.