HI! It has been a little while. This time in the school year is always crazy and these long stretches between little breaks can undoubtedly feel like eternity. However, I wanted to take a small bit of time out to do a post in honor of the upcoming holiday, Thanksgiving. I am aware that in 2019 we are starting to (sort of) call things out for what they are and I do know historically Thanksgiving can bring up some difficult thoughts for people.

However, in the spirit of the words thanks and giving I wanted to share with my readers just a few things I am thankful for, what this time of year means for me and my family, and some traditions I hold most dear.


I am a firm believer in showing thanks all year round. However, it is nice to have a holiday dedicated to reminding us to show thanks. I am thankful for so many things. My family always comes in at the top this list. This year is extra special because I have gained a new official member to my family and that is my new brother-in-law aka my bro Anthony. My sister got married earlier this year and I am so thankful for this celebration and the memories we will all cherish for our lifetimes. I am thankful for my new brother for so many reasons, but mostly because I know the love he and my sister share and this makes me so excited for their future and the special things this will mean for my family aka make me an AUNT ASAP please! Additionally, I am thankful for health. My family has had its share of loss and health scares. I am thankful this year has been one of health and healing. I am also thankful for change and open hearts especially when it comes to family. Recently, my mom has started to rebuild and reestablish some of the relationships with her siblings. I am thankful for this and for the

I am thankful for my health and the ability to regularly work on my fitness. Exercise has always been some part of my life, but in the last few years fitness and strength have been a big part of my life and the reason I am able to do my job, keep a positive attitude, and continue to work on being the best version of myself. I am so thankful for my physical abilities as I have had the pleasure of working with individuals who are not as able as myself and I never want to take that for granted. I am also thankful for a gym community that values so many of the same things I value. Recently, my school has also allowed me to offer a workout for staff members who want to be active and fit fitness into their busy schedules. I am super thankful my job sees the importance of self-care and has allowed me this opportunity,

I am thankful for lifelong friends and new chapters. A new decade of life has had some positive impacts on my choices. I have started to realize more than ever I have the power to decide who is in my life and what energy I chose to allow. I am so thankful for friends I have known for many years who are experiencing new chapters and allowing me to be a part of these new beginnings; marriage, babies, puppies, etc.  I am also so thankful for close friends who are experiencing chapters they may never have planned on and allowing me to experience these twists and turns along with them. Friends and fostering relationships with friends has always been so important to me and I am so thankful for these special people who keep my heart beating.


Something I always think about around this time of year is traditions. My family has some traditions I hold very dear and they are pretty standard, and then I see a movie or TV show where a special tradition is shared and I think to myself, my family needs to step their game up! Holidays have always been such a joyous time for me. I recognize 100% this is absolutely not the case for so many people and I want to take a moment to acknowledge that and let everyone know it is okay for this time of year to be difficult and I wish for anyone struggling to find peace and someone or something to lean on.

For me, I have had the privilege of  holidays filled with togetherness, food, warmth, and traditions. One simple tradition that is fairly standard but I hold most dear is always being with my mom, my dad, and my sister. I have never had a Thanksgiving away from them, even if it is just a quick hello before my sister heads to visit her new in-laws, we always make sure to see each other. This is something that is so special to me and I try never to take for granted. Even has our family grows and changes I hope to always keep this tradition going. Also, a new tradition we have started for the last 5 years is who hosts Thanksgiving. Since my sister and I moved into our own place, we have hosted this holiday. This has been so special for our family and so nice for us to do for our mom. She loved handing over the reigns! Now that my sister and I have our own places and she is married, it is working out quite well because for every other year she will go up to her in-laws I will carry the tradition and host our family at my home! I value traditions and look forward to creating more with my family and would love to hear some you have with your family.

I wish everyone a Happy and Thankful Thanksgiving. Take a moment after reading and think about some things you are thankful for! I would love to read them in the comments below.

I am so very thankful for YOU, taking the time to read this post and show an interest in my blog.