Hi Readers!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their 2020! It has been a pretty busy start but I had to hop on here and share some thoughts with you about one of those holidays that always brings different emotions…Valentine’s Day. This holiday means something different for every one. Fortunately for me growing up my dad always got my sister and I a rose and my mom always surprised us with something new to wear or sweet treats on Valentine’s Day. This was really cool of my parents because it showed me at a young age Valentine’s Day did not have to be about romantic love, but it could be about any love at all. As I navigated through my twenties and spent pretty much all of those years single I was super blessed to have wonderful girlfriends who I loved and would make Galentine’s Day plans with every year.

Now, as I enter a new decade of life I am inspired to write about another kind of love…one that is, in my opinion, the most important love of all: Self Love. I am discovering that whether you are married, engaged, dating, single, separated, divorced, have kids, do not have kids, you should practice regularly loving yourself. Therefore, for my latest post I have decided to share with you some things I love about myself with the hope that this will inspire you to think of those same things about yourself. This is not super easy for me to do because, as I am discovered in my research for this post, people and more specifically women, have been taught to look at self love as being self-absorbed or self-centered. Thanks to some soul searching and conversations with friends and loved ones I am learning self-love is not being self-centered but it is being conscious and careful about how we talk to and about ourselves and the actions we take to be the best versions we can be for everyone and everything in our lives.

Self Love

I love my kindness and ability to give second chances. I spend a lot of time over thinking and wondering if I said the right thing or could have done something different in all different situations. I have also had many times in my life when I give people a second or third chance when most likely they had no business getting one. However, I have realized over time I am proud to be a kind person and a person who believes the best in others and I may not always get it right but I love who I am and how I treat people. I want to get stronger and stand up for myself more often, but we are all a work in progress and there is nothing wrong with this goal and staying true to myself while I work on it.

I love my fitness routine and how it has helped my body and mind feel strong. For many years I have focused on my fitness and making exercise a regular part of my routine. This has had more benefits for my mental health more than anything else. I am proud of myself for making fitness a priority and I love how it makes me feel. I also love having any positive impact on people around me. Whenever someone asks about a workout or the gym I go to I am so thrilled to share and hopefully inspire more and more people to put their fitness first.

I love my cooking! Cooking as become one of my favorite past times and I am honestly pretty damn good at it. There are not many things I like more than cooking a good meal and having my friends or family enjoy it. I love trying new things, but I also enjoy sticking with some of my classic meals that I know will be a hit. Check out my blog post on my weekly menu and stay tuned for a Part 2 with new recipes and meal ideas coming soon!

I love my sense of humor. I think joy and laughter are two of the most important things on earth and I think I am hilarious (even when I am the only one laughing). I think I can laugh at myself and make others laugh and that is something I am proud of and love about myself.

I love my work ethic and determination. I have always been someone who works best being busy. I can get more done when I have a lot to do. I notice being a teacher today and becoming an adult that self-determination and a high work ethic does not exist in everyone and I am proud to have it. Most of this probably comes from having two parents who have always been non stop. They never took days off when I was growing up and they both worked full time job and usually more than 1 job my entire life. Therefore, this was all I saw and what I thought was normal. However, this is not always normal and I think it is also super important to surround yourself with people with  a similar work ethic and determination to you and I am definitely surrounded by these types of individuals and I love it.

I love my positive mindset. I recently read a quote that said ‘happiness is a mood and positivity is a mindset.’ This quote really resonated with me because I truly feel like it is true and for many years now (what started as sort of a silly joke) has become my most important life mantra: Positivity! This definitely does not mean walking around all the time with bells and a clown size smile. Trust me, this is not me. What this means is making a regular and conscious effort as often as possible to find the positive in any situation. That can be with regard to work, personal life, and everything in between. There will always be times in life where finding the positive is downright impossible and that is also okay. What is important is to be working regularly on developing this mindset and use it any time that it is possible.

It feels good to write this! I want to encourage all of you to do this for yourselves. Make a list, share it on this blog, share it with a friend, keep it in your wallet, or all of the above! I really believe when we love ourselves and take care of ourselves it makes us better for everyone and everything in our lives. Please never feel bad for practicing self-love and this year on Valentine’s Day, and every day after, do not ever lose sight of the most important love you will ever have, and that is the love you have for yourself.

<3 From my heart,