My second post on this blog talked about buying my own home and how that was going. At the time of that post I lived in my home for 7 months. I loved every minute of it! In that sense, things have remained so much the same. However, so many things have changed and I thought this would be a great time for an update.


My home is still my favorite place to be, but after the last year I have absolutely spent more time here than I would have ever imagined. Last March I found out I would be going virtual for school ‘for a little while’ due to a virus that was spreading quickly around the United States. This ‘little while’ turned into the rest of the school year and what would become a total overhaul in how my school and all schools around the country operated. This was a huge adjustment and there were pros and cons.


Right away I was excited to have a break from the commute. Working from home gave me back almost two hours in my day! I was also excited to be home more to cook and started getting Hello Fresh meals which are great additions to my weekly menu. Learning how to teach from home in the virtual world was a huge adjustment, but it has been a great learning opportunity and a chance for me to go way outside my technology comfort zone. Being at home all day, every day, also allowed me to spend more time organizing, cleaning, reading, and doing those small but important things.


I never would have believed I would teach virtually for a month, let alone almost an entire calendar year. I miss the classroom, the hallways, the chaos. Honestly, I do miss it all. I am fortunate to have a quiet house and space to move around my ‘classroom’ when I need new scenery. However, it is always challenging separating work from home, let alone when you are doing it every day. Another downside to being home for so many months was missed time with friends. Fortunately, I have been able to see my family regularly, but I definitely missed friends and hangouts and restaurants and not making every single meal every single day. LOL.


Overall, not much to complain about and I have truly enjoyed being home so much. I definitely would not have predicted a ‘house’ update would involve a lockdown and a year of virtual learning. Also, I forgot something…

My man moved in :-). This does not go under pro or con. It goes into a category all its own. Without all the mushy gushy because that really is not me, Covid-19 has definitely shown a lot of couples what is not working and some lucky individuals came to realize ‘this really could be IT.’

I am so grateful to report we were some of the lucky ones. I think after spending March 2020-November 2020 under my roof, bae realized it might be cool to ‘make it official’ and move in for real for real.

Looking Forward

At the start of 2021 we made some home owner goals and planned some projects. At the time of this blog post one of the biggest renovations was complete: New master bedroom shower! We are so thrilled with the completed shower and are so excited to start using it 🙂 Thank you so much to Armstrong Renovations for their amazing work on our shower. I felt very comfortable during this renovation and I am grateful for that.

Before Bathroom Renovation

After Bathroom Renovation

Working from home has come to an end. I am excited to be back in the school building and resuming some sort of ‘normalcy’ during this crazy year. I will really miss my extra time in the kitchen and enjoying many extra moments in my house this past year.

Saving for our future/forever home is very exciting. But I will always cherish the memories in this home (my first home owned all by myself) and I will take the things I have learned during this chapter with me for all the chapters coming next.