Auntie Life

In so many ways I already feel like an Auntie. Some of my longest friends have babies of their own and I have had the privilege of watching them grow over the last 5 years. When I was little, my mom’s friends were ladies I had so much fun with and looked up to! I have always wanted to be that for my friends’ children. There is absolutely no feeling like their little faces lighting up with joy when you spend time together.

Twin Life

Although I already feel like an auntie to my closest friends’ babies, I have a feeling nothing will be as special as becoming an official auntie to my twin sister (and only siblings) baby boy! I absolutely hope he thinks we are the same person. It is so special standing beside my sister throughout her pregnancy. She is handling it so wonderfully and I am very fortunate to have such an inside look at the experience through her. I know every pregnancy is very different, but with twin sisters, I imagine there will be many similarities. I cannot exactly put a finger on it, but I feel so connected to baby Brooks already. Yes, she already announced gender and name so I can say it in this post. I have never been a ‘belly touching’ person who wants to run up to pregnant women and feel the belly. With my sister, I LOVE doing it. It will be so cool experiencing the twin fun all over again through the eyes of my nephew.

Summer Fun

As a teacher, I already look forward to many summers of fun with my nephew. Especially this first summer I am so happy I can be there every day for my sister and baby Brooks. I cannot wait to have Brooks on the beach and by the pool! I want to be a helping hand to my sister and Brother-in-Law and allow them to have many date nights during the summer months when I have the time off school and a flexible schedule. I already look forward to taking Brooks to and from his summer camps! LOL

Nephew Wishes

I will admit baby boys may not be my strong suit. You could even say boys in general. I am definitely a girl’s girl. However, my Dad loves sports and music and I have acquired a lot of that from him. I played sports when I was younger, I am still active in fitness. I also have learned from my male students about different interests and styles. Brooks will also have a Dad, Grandpops, and Uncles who will make sure he is exposed to all different activities and possible things for him to be interested in as he grows. I hope he always thinks his Aunt Jess is cool. I hope Brooks knows I will support anything he wishes to do or explore. My wish for my nephew is simple: for him to be happy and feel loved every single day of his life. Being Brooks Auntie is already the best role I have ever had. I am so proud to become an Aunt to this wonderful little guy.

Sister/Mommy-To-Be Testimonial {Special Contribution by Rebecca Pirrello}

My sister: Let’s call her “Super Aunt”

Not like the way she always says she was “meant to be maid of honor”.. she is not JUST meant to be an “Auntie”. But she does accept and take on the roles meant for her at the time they are meant to come with the same grace and passion she does all of her other roles.

I am not only stoked she is becoming Auntie to our Son Brooks this June, I can’t imagine not having her with us on this journey. They say it takes a village and I truly feel for those who don’t have the support or ask for the support they may need or want. I DEFINITELY ASK FOR WHAT I NEED.

I am so glad she is a teacher and has (partial) Summers off. That just provides an extra layer of support for our baby and our families during those months… which is calming and exciting at the same time! My sister will also teach Brooks things I can’t. I will do my best, but she will pick up anywhere hubs and I leave off.

When I imagine her taking him for long walks, car rides, pool days, beach days, ball games, teaching him to bake or cook, my heart feels happy and full. I am spoiled to have a twin sister whom I trust COMPLETELY with our baby, and I never take that for granted.

Cheers to you Auntie J.
I look forward to sharing my birth &mommy stories in an upcoming blog of yours.

Love you Sissy.

Love you too!!