Celebrating…Two Years…Finally!

Back in May I created the draft for this post. Pretty accurate for how life is that I am on here in October actually writing it. Life has been pretty crazy, but in so many great ways! Also, school resumed in person in August and (for now) that is all I will say about that.

Blog Reflecting

Two Blog Years! Pretty cool to think I am still writing on here when I created this blog to answer one question. Also, I have realized over the past year my love of Podcasts has grown and not too many people may take the time to read things like this these days (except my biggest fan, my twin sister). Nonetheless, I would love to continue sharing some awesome things going on in this life, answer some questions, and maybe, someday, transition from Blog to Podcast!

Life Updates: How is Auntie Life?!

Last time I wrote on here my post was about becoming an Auntie. Now my nephew will be 4 MONTHS OLD in 2 days! Boy O Boy (pun intended) is he perfect! I will let his photogenic charm speak for itself in the following photos:

I will say the following about Auntie Life:

It goes exactly as fast as they say, is the coolest and most fun role ever, and has exceeded all of my expectations!

Brooks will have his own post soon!

LIFE UPDATES: How was Summer? 

Summer is usually pretty awesome, and this summer was no different! Beach trips, time with family and friends, lots of time with my nephew, continued boo loving my handsome roomie man, some summer school because the hustle is real, and plenty of self care.

LIFE UPDATES: Another Competition?!

Yes, that is right. I also competed again this fall. This time with a partner! It was incredible. The only downside: we won! Leaving me no choice but to compete in a weight class now so that should be interesting! But the world of strong(wo)man continues to be one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of, and I have no intention of leaving it any time soon.

That is a Wrap: What is Next?

Well, that is what can be great about life. I do not necessarily have that answer. BUT I can say I have some ideas for posts to come in the near future. Including

  • An update on some meals and recipes I have been loving
  • Some new thoughts on self-love and believing the Universe’s plan
  • Maybe some updates/thoughts/reflections on life back in person at school
  • And my answers on some questions I may get along the way…:-)


Thank you for sticking with me!



P.S. I also started paying more attention to the ‘Readability’ of my posts and this one got all green lights (which is a good thing)! So hopefully you enjoyed! #growth